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Digital Manufacturing and the IIoT – Part 5/5

This is the conclusion to our 5-part blog series based on the…
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This is the conclusion to our 5-part blog series based on the IoT World Today white paper, “Digital Manufacturing and the IIoT: Success with a Single Platform.”

Part 5: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

In terms of creating positive consumer experiences, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform harnesses emerging technologies to incorporate customer feedback into the design process and increase customization. It capitalizes on the fusion of traditional approaches to retail with digital channels to build smarter products and create more personalization opportunities.

For example, employing a single platform for ideation, design, engineering, and production translates to more meaningful products that accurately reflect customers’ values. In addition, creating a more personalized buyer’s journey results in higher levels of interest, longer product interactions and increased sales conversions.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s single, closed-loop system places the customer experience front and center by incorporating analytics, virtual simulations and engineering to build better products that more effectively meet consumer demands. The platform not only offers the ability to replicate product functionality from an experience perspective, but also to simulate key aspects of the manufacturing environment and the supply chain. Through immersive virtuality on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, designers, engineers, and production teams can visualize prototypes with a high degree of fidelity well before the product is actually delivered.


As manufacturers assess their digital transformation efforts and formulate their IIoT goals, they face questions over the business value of single-use technology deployments and dead-end IIoT data. In many instances, they must overcome significant obstacles coordinating platforms, scaling accordingly and integrating diverse data streams. As a result, these manufacturers are often unable to capitalize on their digitalization efforts and risk falling behind the competition. According to recent market analysis, by 2020 half of IoT spending (50%) will be driven by the manufacturing, transportation, and logistics sectors.*

The deployment of scalable and reliable end-to-end integration platforms represent a critical factor in the success of these use cases. These solutions not only provide a holistic approach encompassing every aspect of the manufacturing process, they also offer a strong ROI and a foundation for continued innovation. Moreover, in the current era of explosive data growth, a single, integrated platform that can process ever-increasing data complexity is invaluable.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a comprehensive operations framework at the core of what manufacturing is all about.

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* Winning In IoT: It’s All About The Business Use Case.

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