May 24, 2021

Customer Stories: Discover the Streamlined Flow Experienced by Customers Using NETVIBES Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Across the globe, leading companies in diverse industries are reaping huge benefits…
Avatar Kim Terca

Across the globe, leading companies in diverse industries are reaping huge benefits from Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Our customer stories reveal the concrete results and full impact of our solutions in each industry sector. Here’s a sample:


By indexing and analyzing data from PLM, ERP & CRM systems, a power-sports vehicle manufacturer has decreased its new product introduction cycle from 36 to just 30 months. A leading car manufacturer has significantly reduced costs related to new parts introduction, achieving 100% ROI in just six months. Another is using Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence to identify hundreds of duplicate parts, saving the company up to $600,000.


An aircraft servicing company is using our solution to predict maintenance needs and put planes back in the air faster, achieving 400% ROI and saving $20M. An aerostructure manufacturer is shortening its design cycle and reducing its supply chain costs by millions thanks to the rapid analysis and reuse of parts. Large aircraft manufacturers using Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence are boosting their process agility, cutting internal costs and improving quality. Thanks to enhanced, accurate intelligence and 3D similarity, engineers can easily find the best part and deliver projects with more speed.


In the high-tech industry, our solution is used throughout the design process, as well as for regular part reviews to keep projects on target. One mobile device manufacturer has significantly improved design efficiency by standardizing its components. A power management and technology provider is saving vast amounts money by reducing parts on newly acquired assets. By indexing and searching for parts using 3D similarity, yet another high-tech manufacturer has dramatically optimized sourcing savings.  In the test run, they found 70% more duplicate parts than they had known about.


Overall, Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence streamlines productivity. One of our customers is a leading renewable energy player, a wind turbine business involving thousands of parts and the risk of hundreds of duplicates – each costing up to $4,000. Thanks to our solution, the company has reduced time-to-market in all its new product introduction programs, and product costs have dropped by a massive 5-10%.

By leveraging one single source of truth, all these companies have been able to:

  • Break down data silos
  • Reuse and standardize product parts
  • Decrease costs and time-to-market
  • Drive business transformation

Learn more about Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence here.

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