April 2, 2019

Cognitive Insights to Boost Product Quality and Asset Performance – Part 4/5

EXALEAD Asset Quality Intelligence solution The EXALEAD Asset Quality Intelligence (AQI) solution…
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EXALEAD Asset Quality Intelligence solution

The EXALEAD Asset Quality Intelligence (AQI) solution is designed to help companies achieve four primary objectives:

  1. More rapidly and accurately detect and understand current or potential quality issues;
  2. Aid support engineers in correcting existing problems;
  3. Help quality managers and engineers develop and deploy preventive maintenance measures to avoid potential problems; and
  4. Minimize future quality issues by providing design, engineering and manufacturing teams (including project and program managers) with lessons-learned intelligence.

To fulfill these objectives, AQI consolidates data from all identified sources of quality-related information. It uses machine learning to mine this important information and reveal potential similarities in quality issues.

Menus and graphs help users refine search and analytics options in order to investigate issues and causes. Once issues are analyzed and the right actions determined, the solution enables these actions to be integrated into a task management framework for rapid resolution and full traceability.

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Part 4: EXALEAD Asset Quality Intelligence solution.

Part 5: The high rewards of continuous quality improvement.

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