February 5, 2021

Best Practices: NETVIBES Market Intelligence with Twitter

With NETVIBES Market Intelligence, you can leverage data from various sources on…
Avatar Kim Terca

With NETVIBES Market Intelligence, you can leverage data from various sources on the Internet and analyze it in widgets on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Build custom Libraries of RSS feeds, topic searches and Twitter feeds, to focus on exactly what matters to you. These Libraries form the base for the analytics on your dashboard.

In this blog, we explore tips and best practices for analyzing Twitter content with NETVIBES. Twitter provides a very special data foundation that you should handle with great care in order to avoid falsified results.

But first a few facts about Twitter…

Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery online. This marketing channel has more than 300 million users worldwide, and Twitter claims that:

  • People see 26% more advertising on Twitter than on any other platform;
  • 53% of Twitter users are more likely to be the first to buy new products; and
  • Consumers are 72% more likely to make a purchase after interacting on Twitter.

Twitter for Business has 3 key values:

  1. Positioning a new brand
  2. Positioning new products
  3. Take a look behind the scenes

The goal on Twitter for Business is to post good content, find followers, and let them share and retweet. While tweets are limited to 280 characters text, you can add up to 4 videos or pictures to a tweet.

How does NETVIBES leverage Twitter?

By adding a Twitter account in NETVIBES to your Library, you can analyze Twitter content. Once you’ve connected your Twitter account, you can add 2 types of content to the Library: Topic Searches (Tweets) or Public Profiles. After your Library is created, you can use NETVIBES Feed Reader or NETVIBES Tracked Topics to read the tweets or share them. With NETVIBES Social Analytics, you can discover Twitter authors and retweeters, as well as filter tweets by reach.

You can use 8 Boolean operators and search metrics to analyze Twitter feeds with NETVIBES:

In some cases, it is not recommended to mix Twitter Feeds with articles in a single Library. Let’s see why:

Example: We want to leverage data from our competitors. For this purpose we created two different Libraries about our top 10 competitors. The first Library contains RSS feeds (articles only) about our competitors. The second Library is “Twitter-only,” containing tweets about competitors.

Let’s analyze how the competition is perceived in the news—a special analytic feature from NETVIBES Social Analytics. Please take a look at the results in the graphs below:

Because a tweet consists of only 280 characters, it is not very easy for the algorithm to analyze whether the tweet is positive, negative or neutral (Graph #1), which leaves us with little information about the overall sentiment. On the other hand, the articles (Graph #2) contain much more information, which NETVIBES is able to analyze very accurately. If you were to mix these two datasets (Tweets and Articles together in one Library), the analytics would be fuzzy and more difficult to understand. Therefore, we recommend that you separate your Libraries (one for Twitter and one for articles) in order to have more accurate analytics.

As we continue to integrate Proxem’s Natual Language Processing capabilities into the platform, NETVIBES will deliver more accurate analytics on unstructured data in the future.

There are some special NETVIBES analytic queries available for Twitter. To mention a few:

  • NETVIBES Social Analytics on Twitter: “WHO IS TALKING?” You can look for authors and retweeters in order to find relevant Twitter users to follow who are talking about your topic.
  • NETVIBES Tracked Topics: Check the “Followers count.” (Query example: twitter.followers_count>100000). This allows you to see only tweets from accounts with more than 100K followers.
  • NETVIBES Social Analytics: Check the “Reach count.” (Query example: twitter.reach_count>100000). With this query, you can see only tweets which have reached a large, 100K+ audience.

Enjoy analyzing Twitter content with NETVIBES for actionable market insights! Learn more about NETVIBES Market Intelligence on our website.

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