Virtual ExperienceJanuary 28, 2019

Barriers to Parts Standardization & Reuse

Standardizing and reducing the number of parts used in a project significantly…
Avatar Karin

Standardizing and reducing the number of parts used in a project significantly decreases the overall costs.

However, one of the most significant barriers to identifying and reusing standard parts in Manufacturing is the persistence of multi-PDM/PLM/CAD environments and the data silos they produce. The reasons for persistence include:

  • Cost & Continuity Concerns –Enterprise-wide rip-and-replace initiatives are sometimes simply deemed more costly and disruptive than the continued use of ad hoc legacy tools. This is especially true for global manufacturers using practices like concurrent engineering and multi-site manufacturing.
  • Engineer & Customer Resistance –Engineers frequently resist efforts to make them switch from applications they feel comfortable using. Externally, different customers and partners often demand that files be delivered in formats conforming to their own systems.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Mergers and acquisitions are common in manufacturing, and migrating each acquired or merged organization is a slow and difficult process that can lead to disparate systems persisting for, in some cases, years.


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