March 12, 2019

A Platform Approach to Managing Complexity and Risk in Energy & Materials

No matter where they’re located, capital projects in the energy and materials…
Avatar Karin

, Head of the V+R Business Intelligence Portfolio at Dassault Systèmes NETVIBES-EXALEAD

The platform leverages powerful data modelling capabilities, which helps analyze vast amounts of project information. Intuitive, customizable dashboards present dynamic KPIs for actionable insights in a secure, transparent and auditable manner. Users can drill down to:

  • Check status updates;
  • Identify trends;
  • Investigate root causes;
  • Solve issues;
  • Respond faster to engineering changes; and
  • Calculate financial impacts.

The platform connects deliverables, tasks and resources to enable real-time project assessment and evidence-based analysis for allocating and prioritizing tasks and resources.

The results of this digital transformation? Diminished risks, better execution and quality, decreased costs, improved safety and sustainability, and optimized project cycle times.

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