August 28, 2020

Windows 10 Build 2004

  In May 2020, Microsoft released a new version of Windows10 Build…
Avatar Kim Ferguson-Thomas

In May 2020, Microsoft released a new version of Windows10 Build 2004. This particular build has made changes to an Intel C++ library that is used for Multi-Core Processing.

Surpac uses the Intel C++ library for multithreading in Block Model Estimation and Reporting engines.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues then we highly recommend you upgrade to Surpac 2020 or Surpac 2020.1 and install the latest Hot Fixes, which are available from GEOVIA Support.

The issues caused by the Windows 10 Build 2004 include:

• Surpac Crashes when opening up the Help

• Surpac crashes when copying/moving/deleting files in the Navigator window

• Surpac Crashes when outputting a Block Model Report to a csv file.

• Surpac crashes when plotting to Windows PDF writer

GEOVIA Support

If you require the Hot Fix for the windows 10-update 2004 issue, please contact GEOVIA support using the following channels:

By Email:

Create a ticket via Surpac: Help > log a request

Create a ticket via client care or the support App:


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