July 14, 2018

Whittle 4.7.2 is released

In keeping with our efforts to provide our maintenance support members with…
Avatar Shawn Ready

In keeping with our efforts to provide our maintenance support members with timely software updates, we are pleased to release a maintenance release of Whittle 4.7.2.

Highlights include:

SIMO module main updates:

  • SIMO reporting was enhanced to allow reporting of CAPEX data. Summary limits sheet in the Spreadsheet report includes the Additional Capacity, New Limit, Undiscounted Additional Capacity Cost, and Discounted Additional Capacity Cost.
  • SIMO node summary and SIMO Report summary now show CAPEX cost information
  • When you are adding new blend bins you can now select multiple rock types

Other updates:

  • SIMO now supports variable discount rate per period
  • Simultaneous Optimisation is now correctly reporting Mining Recovery or Dilution
  • In-situ and Recovered/Diluted columns added to SIMO and SIMO Report node Summary tabs
  • Simultaneous Optimisation can now handle ore parcels that contain more than 1 million tonnes
  • And also ore parcels with tonnages less than 0.1 tonne
  • The SIMO Report node now correctly displays the minimum grade of an element processed in a plant in the Output tab and the CSV spreadsheet
  • The Simultaneous Optimisation Spreadsheet Report now works correctly when its parent Simultaneous Optimisation node has more than 100 periods
  • SIMO Report node now support Individual Mine spreadsheet codes under a Multi-Mine scenario
  • Total run time for a node is now correctly reported. Previously, if multiple engines were run in the background run time for only one would be reported
  • Multiple issues with data import are fixed

Thank you to Jovan Hamovic from our R&D team for spearheading this release, should you have any questions please email us at GEOVIA.Info@3ds.com and we will direct it to him.

Whittle is provided complimentary as part of the GEOVIA Maintenance and Support Program subscription and can be downloaded through the dedicated download service from the 3DS Support Site

For instructions, you may view:

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