SustainabilityJuly 5, 2021

Virtual Twin Maturity Model for Mining: Article Series

It is not that mining companies must transform; the important question is…
Avatar Antoine Lafont de Sentenac

It is not that mining companies must transform; the important question is how. Most companies understand why they need to do it; but what is the difference between sailing on an ocean of information and drowning in it? We are going to show you a way. In a five-part series, we explain what companies can do to build a foundation for robust, effective business transformation.

Mining professionals must improve safety and quality, boost margins and efficiency, and reduce risk, waste, cost overruns and missed deadlines. To do that, they must make important decisions, and that depends on information. Most companies generate enough information; fewer can access it effectively.

A large company may use a thousand different applications for planning, project management, authorization, and process optimization. Just verifying agreement from so many information sources wastes time. Information lies hidden in countless legacy document records, both paper and digital. Siloed business systems operating independently creates inconsistency. Disconnects between strategic and daily planning results in poor scheduling and cost adherence. Site walkdowns and surveys require lots on people on site. Patchy 3D data from different formats makes it difficult to see and use information. And siloed facilities that share little data among sites results in duplication and inefficiency.

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