July 8, 2014

Using the Interactive Viewer for MineSched Animations

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A key benefit for Planning Engineers who use GEOVIA MineSched™ is the ability to create a wide range of charts and reports to showcase their results. The Interactive Viewer is a standalone MineSched application, which allows engineers to share the graphical results of a scheduling scenario with non-MineSched users, allowing everyone to understand the planned execution sequence of your mine. GEOVIA has designed the animation canvas inside MineSched and the Interactive Viewer to work exactly the same way to alleviate the need for any training.

To use the Interactive Viewer, follow these instructions:

1. Access the www.geoviasupport.com site to download the MineSched Interactive Viewer.

2. Double click on the downloaded file to install it.

3. Once the Interactive Viewer is installed, open MineSched to complete your setup and run the schedule. Press the “Save Animation” button and select a folder where you want to save the standalone animation file with extension *.MineSchedAnimation.

4. In Windows Explorer, double click or select to open the Animation File – the MineSched Interactive Viewer will open automatically.

Now, you are ready to show or share your work with everyone, whether they have MineSched installed or not.  Just remember that anyone who would like to view the animation file must first install the Interactive Viewer Tool onto their workspace.

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