July 30, 2018

Tips & Tricks | GEOVIA Whittle – How to merge Block Models

In today’s post I will answer a common question raised in GEOVIA…
Avatar Shoaib Zia

In today’s post I will answer a common question raised in GEOVIA Whittle – How to merge two or more block models into a single framework?

This task is often utilized in pit optimization workflows to merge two or more block models, for example if ore from two/more different locations goes to the same process plant.

• First of all import your block models separately in to GEOVIA Whittle as normal to generate *.MOD and *.PAR files or use Surpac export option to Whittle • Make sure that both block models have the same block size or re-block them in GEOVIA Whittle • Invoke the function from Tools > Merge Models

• Select the required *MOD and *PAR files and fill the required field

• Select the “adjust frame work tab” to make sure that there is no “Model Lost”

• Check the box “Import on completion”, it is also possible to import the files later using Import options in Whittle • Use “Check Data” box to make sure that data is valid

• Make sure in next tabs that all the parameters are correct. • After the completion of import, both block models will be merged in to single block model and the optimization workflow can be imitated.

• Do not forget to validate the numbers against the original block models before running optimisation and scheduling. • You can use Whittle LOM scheduling tools to create strategic schedule using one of available scheduling algorithms • It is required to have Multi-Mine module to run this function

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