December 20, 2022

Thank You for a Great Year – GEOVIA CEO Mauro DelleMonache

2022 Year End Message
Avatar Pooja Jain

When I look back on 2022, the little things strike me as most meaningful. 

All around us, huge, momentous things are happening. We managed to overcome the most significant public health crisis of our lifetimes; we transitioned back to the physical from the virtual, despite the difficulties, and learned to be resilient and adaptable. We have also understood the value of human connection.

As many of you know, this year I started my journey with Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA. There is a true sense of excitement in leading an organization that puts people, technology, and sustainability at its core. The fantastic individuals, the culture, and the passion I am discovering at Dassault Systèmes are truly commendable.  People are intrinsically motivated to deliver the Brand Promise of Modeling the Sustainable Planet.

In terms of product releases and value delivered throughout 2022, we continued to enhance and support our desktop portfolio, with 12 product releases, bringing a range of value-add items across many workflows from resource evaluation to strategic and tactical mine planning. We delivered exciting enhancements to our flagship products; Surpac 2023, MineSched 2023, and Whittle 2022 Refresh 1 are available now.

We continued our journey to build a new portfolio on a new and modern technology stack on 3DEXPERIENCE. The next-generation platform release includes value enhancements across Geo Modeling, Mine Operations Management, and Scheduling.

With the latest 3DEXPERIENCE release, we also introduce a new Role: Collaborative Designer for Surpac. This role is the vehicle to seamlessly connect Surpac to 3DEXPERIENCE for expanding workflows and business processes.

I want to thank the R&D team for their continued efforts and support in releasing the next-generation offers.

In 2023 and beyond, we will continue to develop solutions that promote increased data integration and collaboration and improve mining process ESG/sustainability KPIs. GEOVIA is taking part in envisioning sustainability through its value proposals for the customers and market domain. Through Geosciences, we can model, simulate and monitor the natural world. Through Earth Engineering, we can sustainably design & manage industrial projects that impact the Earth and through Urban Environment, we can plan, simulate and monitor the urban and supporting landscapes.

I believe releasing products with native 3DEXPERIENCE platform connectivity is key to our client’s success, because innovation does not happen in isolation; in order to unlock the potential across an enterprise, the ability to collaborate is paramount. In the coming year, this development focus will continue. Our team at GEOVIA looks forward to understanding challenges and listening to feedback, we aim to make our products and platform a key component in our client’s success.

I look forward to creating value for our users by connecting people, ideas, data, and solutions through the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, which will empower them to innovate in entirely new ways.

This holiday period is an opportunity to reflect on what has happened in the world. While it has been a challenging year, we also see the human race’s resilience, ingenuity, and promise to find solutions and come together. I encourage you all to focus on your continuous development and improvement, and equally to cherish the great positives, the wins, and your individual and team achievements.

So finally, I would like to wish everyone a truly wonderful, restful, joyful holiday period. Be safe and be healthy always. I look forward to connecting in 2023.

Mauro DelleMonache

GEOVIA Chief Executive Officer

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