August 21, 2013

Surpac Automation: Beyond the Basics

If you are a GEOVIA Surpac user, you probably know about its…
Avatar Ash Colton

If you are a GEOVIA Surpac user, you probably know about its automation capabilities. You may have even built a few automation scripts, called macros, to save time and reduce routine button-clicking. But there is a lot more which can be done with automation to make a real difference for you and your operation, saving huge amounts of time, and eliminating errors.

Here’s a brief overview of what can be automated in Surpac:

  • Workflow automation allows you to record and playback all the steps in a workflow, allowing them to be repeated with the click of a button.
  • Systems integration enables Surpac to read and write data to/from files or databases it doesn’t inherently support.
  • New functions – you’d be amazed at the CAD functionality, reporting and other capabilities that can be created in Surpac. For example, we can create a macro that adds commands to Surpac to draw dimension lines, or another which designs planned drillholes.

Note that there are over 70 macros available from the downloads section of the GEOVIA Support site

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