Virtual ExperienceMay 28, 2020

Shaping the Sustainable Mine of the Future

    ON-DEMAND E-SEMINAR |  What does innovating for a more sustainable…

Growing expectations from stakeholders and the community at large for mining companies to reduce their environment footprint has made sustainability a business imperative for the industry

Watch this informative on-line Panel discussion, as Dassault Systèmes industry experts provide their insights and discuss the transformations and challenges faced by the mining industry as it shifts towards a sustainable, carbon neutral future.

Consumers, employees, and society at large increasingly expect businesses to lead the way on sustainability initiatives. With sustainability emerging as a business imperative in today’s experience economy, those that step up have the opportunity to reap great rewards.

Hosted by Dassault Systèmes, panelists for this round-table discussion included: Michelle Ash, GEOVIA CEO, Thomas Grand, Energy & Materials Vice President, and Alice Steenland, Chief Sustainability Officer.

Watch the E-Seminar to learn our panelists thoughts and insights on:

• The pillars of sustainability in a mining context

• The role of innovation in helping to shape a more sustainable mining operation

• How we move towards change while generating longer-term growth in profitability

• How COVID-19 may influence the thinking on sustainability in the mining industry


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