January 16, 2019

Plotting grid points with grid lines offset

  Proper representation of a surveyed area within a sheet that contains…
Avatar Suvradip Datta

Proper representation of a surveyed area within a sheet that contains all the necessary information remains of paramount importance for Surveyors. Hence the act of taking the plot of actual data is a significant requirement.

Occasionally, surveyors may need to take the plot of a grid point RL value, of a surveyed area, with X-Y grid lines over grid points to check the profile undulation against RL variation.

Surpac has the capability to take such a plot, containing all the required information, into the sheet through a File-based plotting method.

In this example, I illustrate how to take a plot with the grid line offset using the Surpac file-based plotting method.  To achieve this, you first need to create an entity related to which information you would like to display within the plot file.

In the image below, i have two string files with grid points and a separate boundary line separately. I would like to plot the grid points with symbol & RL value with the boundary line.

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