May 6, 2019

Operational Transparency with Short Interval Control

Post 2 of 6 |  A plan is only perfect on paper…
Avatar Jessica Jensen

Post 2 of 6 | 

A plan is only perfect on paper – once started, real life gets in the way. Mining is no exception – even the most optimal schedule will change once the shift is underway. Whether it’s a shortage of materials, equipment breakdowns, or unexpected geology, issues during the shift need to be identified and resolved.

, we introduced the concept of short interval control for mining. The first step, knowing what’s actually happened (look back) means having the data you need in a time-frame that allows you to then look forward and implement in the next interval.

and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with the Epiroc Certiq  telematics solution.

in the 2019 Innovation Webinar Series.

In our next blog post (#3), we’ll look at short-term scheduling, the next step in the broader solution for short interval control.

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