Virtual ExperienceFebruary 21, 2022

Mine to mill series: New Solutions to the Old Mine-to-Mill Approach

Today, mining companies need to speed up their rate of change to…
Farhad FARAMARZI is a Senior Mining Industry Consultant at GEOVIA Dassault Systemes with over 10 year experience in Research, Consulting and Industry. Farhad holds BEng, MEng in Mining, and is specialised in Drill & Blast optimisation. He has worked in Drill & Blast specialist and superintendent positions - designed, led and surveyed over 100 full-scale production blasts at some large iron and copper open-pit mines. Farhad’s main area of expertise was built during his PhD in the Mineral Processing field at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) where he broadened his skillset and specialised in ore breakage characterisation, performance improvement, value-chain optimisation, modelling and simulation with several accomplished projects for Anglo American & BHP in this space.

Today, mining companies need to speed up their rate of change to adapt to an increased societal and governmental pressure in a volatile market while addressing the challenge of resource scarcity. In this new series, we will question the standard mine-to-mill approach and provide insights to make it more efficient, value-oriented and sustainable.

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