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Mining market insights using the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform

Trying to make sense of the vast amounts of information generated through…
Avatar Tony Mazzoleni

Trying to make sense of the vast amounts of information generated through mining and exploration online market activity can be time consuming. But what if a mining business could easily acquire, aggregate, analyze and socialize market insights on a single platform?

For a mining business, online sources of interest might include RSS feeds from mining journals and magazines; stock market news; and social media activity.

Through using the social business analyst features of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, mining companies can aggregate any number of such feeds in what we have termed a Library, making it easy to centralize, maintain and share market information.

Data aggregation and visualization

Users can aggregate and view market insights through Tracked Topics, which can be filtered for a specific date range and presented in chronological order, or presented in a mosaic format. Tracked Topics can also be filtered using keyword ‘topics’ and Boolean operators, such as:

  • Lithium OR Cobalt OR Vanadium OR Graphite – to research battery commodities
  • “IPO” OR “new listings” AND “Australia” – to find articles on IPOs and new listings in Australia
  • “Significant Drill intercepts” – to find insights on significant drill intercepts
  • “Company Name” AND “Australia” – to research a company of interest

Data Organization and Collaboration

These insights can be segmented and organized in different dashboards through filters, such as:

  • Exploration AND “Anomalous Surface Samples” – Exploration
  • Exploration AND Anomalous AND (“Drill Samples” OR “Significant Drill Intercepts” ) – Exploration
  • “Maiden Resource” Or “Mineral Resource Update” OR “ Reserve Update” – Resource evaluation
  • Pre OR Bank OR Definitive AND (“Feasibility Study”) – Feasibility
  • Mine (“Commence Mining” or “New Mining”) – Commencement of mining

These insights can then be shared via online dashboards or published to forums/communities. Sharing to a community promotes collaborative discussion, critique and ideation as shown below in the diagram.

Social Listening

Social listening can also be performed. The approach extends the dashboard functionality by enabling a user to drill down into the filtered topics and reveal information on what is said; where it has been said, who said it; and how it’s been perceived.

These analytical capabilities enable a mining business to easily evaluate and disseminate market insights through a connected and collaborative environment.

Use cases for its application include commodity research and market segmentation; identification of market opportunities; and determining the market sentiment and perception for a given commodity or company activity – all of which has immense value for the mining industry.

The release of GEOVIA POWER’BY and the shift to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform will enable a mining business to benefit from having access to a vast range of platform-enabled applications.

The Social Business Analyst application, discussed in this post, represents on one of these applications.  Other platform-enabled applications provided with GEOVIA POWER’BY include Social Collaboration, Enterprise Collaboration, and  the to-be-released GEOVIA Geology Modeler.

Find out more about the Social Analytical capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Should you require more information about the process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email.

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