February 26, 2020

Measure mining equipment performance using GEOVIA Mining Intelligence

  Did you know you can measure mining equipment performance using the…
Avatar Graham Allen

Did you know you can measure mining equipment performance using the 3DEXPERIENCE GEOVIA Mining Intelligence suite. In this blog post, we discuss how!

Mining companies typically use documented equipment metrics to monitor the performance of their equipment fleets. It varies company to company, and may be referred to using different terminology, but companies typically use a model sometimes called a Time Allocation Model or simply “TAM”.

Data related to equipment hours is gathered via paper log sheets or Fleet Management Systems and allocated to a group of measures from which KPIs are derived. Six common measure groups are Operating, Delay, Standby, Downtime, Planned Maintenance and Unplanned Maintenance.

All the measures added together equal total Calendar Time and can be used in various formulas to create KPIs such as availability and utilization.

To learn more about Mining Intelligence and the Production Intelligence function, please contact your local GEOVIA representative.

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