December 22, 2020

Keep Aerospace Operating: Increase Fleet Availability While Reducing Parts Inventory

Airline technicians, on average, spend 10 million hours per year on unproductive…
Avatar Kim Terca

Airline technicians, on average, spend 10 million hours per year on unproductive tasks. Inefficiencies skyrocket when you consider unplanned maintenance needs caused by quality issues, in addition to the difficulties posed by the current global pandemic.

In order to reduce risks and enhance productivity, aircraft manufacturers must be able to detect issues, diagnose the cause and mitigate problems as early as possible. With “Keep Them Operating,” an integrated solution powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, aerospace and defense companies gain competitive advantage through data analytics to improve parts availability, streamline business processes, foster collaboration, predict maintenance needs and minimize downtime. Lessons learned are relayed back to engineering and quality teams to ensure continuous quality improvement.

As a result, aircraft manufacturers can increase service and fleet availability and reveal new sources of sustainable revenue. Reduce total costs of fleet ownership by using data intelligence to improve spare part supply chain performance and cut unnecessary or redundant inventory.

Filmed at Le Bourget Paris Air Show, watch the Dassault Aviation and NETVIBES-EXALEAD presentation of the MRO solution on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for predicting maintenance needs and reducing support costs for planes. Watch the video.

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