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Bringing Science to the 3DEXPERIENCE Mine

  Bringing Earth, Manufacturing and Data Sciences into the 3DEXPERIENCE Mine.  We…
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Bringing Earth, Manufacturing and Data Sciences into the 3DEXPERIENCE Mine. 

We call it the 3DEXPERIENCE Mine in reference to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which is the digital backbone created by Dassault Systèmes that countless industrial companies of all sizes have embraced to carry out their business transformation, thanks to its unique offering of sophisticated technical and engineering tools all interacting in a collaborative innovation digital environment.

But stepping back a bit, it’s becoming visible that the modern mine is an environment where the powerful combination of three disciplines can and should be further harnessed: earth sciences, manufacturing sciences, data sciences.

Earth Sciences / Manufacturing Sciences / Data Sciences

Earth sciences are the cornerstone of our business as they reveal the strategic assets of the mining company: they will remain what makes this industry so special and so intriguing as they sometimes touch the invisible.

Manufacturing sciences, enriched from learnings in other industries which have undertaken their manufacturing revolution to reach excellence, can bring the Natural Resources to the surface in unprecedented levels of efficiency and safety through real-time automation.

Data sciences are now pervasive, they feed on the ever-increasing sources of data produced in a data-rich environment such as a mine, and they complement a model-based approach with a data-driven mindset to bring precision and actionable insights: they play a key role in connecting observations with actions, in associating a solution to a problem, in aligning demand with supply.

All three of these scientific fields naturally benefit from all modern and fast-advancing technological enablers (AI, VR, IoT, Cloud …).


At GEOVIA, given our daily exposure to challenges faced by our mining customers, we have therefore acquired the conviction that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can deliver this game-changing blend of these 3 scientific disciplines that can bring the following business values which matter for miners: safety, predictability and productivity.

Moving from solving point problems with point solutions, the industry is now given the opportunity to engage its transformation with a digital platform connecting stakeholders laterally across the value chain, thanks to the digital continuity running through domain-specific applications.

Beyond the operational benefits this is bringing, the 3DEXPERIENCE Mine is also a signal sent to the younger generations that mining is approachable again, and that it can be a responsible and sustainable industry powering our economies, societies and lives. The 3DEXPERIENCE Mine, designated as the new digital workplace, is an indication of the profile of the workforce of the future that will animate it.

Of course the pace of adoption will depend on the ability of the mining ecosystem (operators, service or software providers, communities, regulators …) to appreciate and overcome the change management hurdles. For this reason, at Dassault Systemes/GEOVIA we remain focused on creating these early proof points that can snowball into a broader movement.

Over the next weeks and months, we’ll be continuing to work with our customers, from organizations of all sizes, to make the 3DEXPERIENCE Mine a growing part of their reality, leveraging their existing GEOVIA investment but augmenting the value with new GEOVIA capabilities as well as the broader Dassault Systemes portfolio at play.

Exciting times ahead!

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