June 1, 2020

Introducing MineSched 2020 with a brand new Licensing System

We are delighted to inform that GEOVIA MineSched 2020.1, with a brand…

We are delighted to inform that GEOVIA MineSched 2020.1, with a brand new Licensing System has been released.

MineSched 2020.1 provides the ability to take network licenses offline with a “soft lock” system that does not require a physical dongle/sentinel, which means that our new users can be up and running quicker with no need to wait for dongle shipment and no downtime to current users due to lost or damaged sentinels. This release also brings production tracking tools, haulage and other improvements.

Highlights of this release include:


The brand new licensing system now available to MineSched allows a greater flexibility for network licenses users.

  • Take licenses offline for up to 30 days (check in / check out).
  • Decrease risk of loss of network licenses using Failover Server Clusters.

*DSLS is available with the newly released MineSched Role.

**DSLS is currently available for New MineSched & Surpac Licenses or for MineSched or Surpac Licenses that migrate to Roles.

For more information on how to access DSLS and migrate to Roles, please contact your local GEOVIA representative.


The Production Progress Tracking workflow is now completed, with new tools now available for Surface scenarios.

  • Quickly and easily update the starting position of the schedule based on survey results and production reports.
  • Easily update schedules based on the current progress, enabling part of a Short Interval Control process.


The haulage definition process has been improved with the addition of tools required to view the direction of haul roads, as well as tools to reverse any roads that were created in the wrong direction.

  • Save time by being able to see when any haul roads are in the wrong direction and quickly reversing them.
  • Establish a new source of the truth by exporting the modified design and using it as the new haulage design.


In this release, individual shapes can now contain mixed attributes when SDM Models are defined, removing the need to rely on Surpac scripts that write a full list of all required attributes to all shapes required for the schedule.

• Better collaboration and improved workflow with Surpac 2020.1 development process • The restriction on the use of Spreadsheet View while using SDM Models has been removed.


DSLS – New Licensing System for MineSched 2020.1


Contact your local Dassault Systèmes office to arrange a trial or email GEOVIA.Support@3ds.com should you have any further questions.


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