December 10, 2018

New InSite 4.7.1 Release – Available Now!

  We are delighted to announce that GEOVIA InSite 4.7.1 has now…

We are delighted to announce that GEOVIA InSite 4.7.1 has now been released and is available for download.

InSite 4.7.1 provides a continuation of the 4.7 release objectives which include:

  • A new front-end application which provides a cross platform solution allowing users to interact on multiple devices including desktop and tablet devices
  • Reduction in client side processing
  • Significantly reduction in data transmitted between Client and Server
  • Improved workflows for end users
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016
  • Compliant with HTML5 CSS standards
  • Continued improvements on product quality, with a dedicated focus on user´s reported issues

InSite 4.7.1 is also focused on the conversion of Stockpile Management front end application to HTML5.

Key improvements include:

  • Dedicated Stockpile Measures page with:
    • Clone all stockpile measures for a selected site and material to another site and material
    • Improved searching and filtering of data
    • Improved usability for end-users
  • Dedicated Stockpile Management page with:
    • Improved performance of the page with minimal client side processing
    • Added errors tab for all stockpiles to provide better analysis of stockpiles with calculation errors
    • Improved usability for searching and viewing stockpiles
    • Added stockpile base measures to the stockpiles grid, for improved visibility of stockpile totals
    • Added the columns Last WAG date and Last Survey date for each stockpile, to improve the time taken to validate stockpiles at EOM
  • Dedicated Stockpiles page with:
    • Ability to add, edit, clone and delete stockpiles inline
    • Ability to manage and add stockpile surveys with comments
    • Improved performance of manage surveys form

Please download and read the for more details.

GEOVIA InSite 4.7.1 is provided complimentary as part of the GEOVIA Maintenance and Support Program subscription and can be downloaded through the dedicated download service from the 3DS Support Site.

Further information:

How to download GEOVIA applications

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