May 10, 2019

How to get optimum results out of the trucks calculation in MineSched

  Defining haul truck speed for a haul road is an important…
Avatar Ahmed Rezk

Defining haul truck speed for a haul road is an important step to calculate the number of trucks required to mine the required tonnes from each mining location.

One of the factors affecting truck speed is haul road gradient, and adding truck speed (for loaded and empty trips) based gradient manually is not an efficient way.

There are some tricks that may help you to set the truck speeds.

Step 1 In 2019, new Surpac version string files saved automatically as Binary, which will not be converted to csv file.

TIP: change the main Surpac setup to automatically save the string files as Text to eliminate any double work.

Go to:

Customise>Plugin preference>Surpac –  chose Text instead of Binary.

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