September 11, 2020

How to obtain solid models in Surpac for folded Iron Ore deposits

  The creation of solid models is an essential part of mining…
Avatar Rishiraj Sahoo

The creation of solid models is an essential part of mining geology. A good solid model not only ensures precision in the estimation of resources, but also helps to plan the mine more effectively.

GEOVIA Surpac is a great tool for the mining industry, especially for resource geologists and mine planners. When it comes to solid modeling in Surpac, there are various techniques of triangulations, of which the most popular and commonly used method is creating solids by joining segments from multiple sections. This is certainly a very good choice.

In some scenarios, for example when the ore body is folded, the models produced utilizing this method may not be suitable. This blog details an alternative approach to fine-tune the solid model in Surpac, shown with some very simple imaginary data.

In this example, 8 inclined boreholes have been drilled targeting a folded ore body. The ore intercepts are shown in red in Fig – 1.

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