March 1, 2019

How to drape and digitise underground wall mapping in Surpac

  As an underground geologist, one of the weekly jobs maybe to…
Avatar Kim Ferguson-Thomas

As an underground geologist, one of the weekly jobs maybe to map the structures and lithological contacts in the development drives. This information can then be used to update grade control and resource models, geotechnical models, and help with future mine planning.

In this blog we will discuss how we can bring the sketched wall mapping into Surpac.

1. Prior to mapping the drive, you will have measured off from a survey wall/back/roof station to the start of the portion of the drive that is to be mapped and this distance will have been noted on the mapping sheet.

2. In Surpac, open up the drive strings and the survey station database.Using Inquire>bearing and distance between 2 points, using trial and error, measure of the distance that was noted on the mapping from the survey station and a point on the floor string until you get the approximate distance.

Break the segment using edit>segment>break. Then delete the portion that is not required using edit>segment>delete.You now have the drive strings for the portion of the wall that was mapped.

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