May 25, 2018

High-Grading your GEOVIA Software Skills

How can GEOVIA help you optimize the use of our solutions? Whether…
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How can GEOVIA help you optimize the use of our solutions?

Whether you’re an experienced user or just starting out in your career, Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA, provides the tools and services to help maximize mining productivity and achieve operational excellence to optimize on your GEOVIA software investment. Our Centers of Excellence supply users with technical skills and applied knowledge using GEOVIA solutions, to effectively integrate into daily mining activities.

At Dassault Systèmes, GEOVIA we understand your requirements are as unique as your deposit and we can help!

What type of training services do we offer?

Classroom: We conduct classroom training at our offices worldwide. Ideal for singular participants within a company looking for introductory to intermediate training.

For North America, please refer to our standard course catalogues for training topics and outlines: , , , and .

Click here to view or register for our current offering of classroom training sessions conducted at our Dassault Systèmes offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal (subject to instructor availability).

Customized: Tailor training sessions to your specific needs to encompass: preferred dates, location (in house, onsite and virtual), topics and/ or data, using GEOVIA software. Groups of users requiring training, make this a cost-effective training solution (maximum six (6) participants per session). If you would like customized training customized to your operation’s needs, please contact us.

What type of consulting services do we offer?

By applying best practices, calculated workflows and leveraging our experienced staff, GEOVIA offers project assistance, implementations, database management (QA/QC) and mentoring for:

From Exploration to mine operations, our experienced geologists help you- identify and quantify resources, improve how you manage geological data, create better geological procedures, establish best practices, and help ensure compliance with regulations.

Using GEOVIA software, we offer the following geological services to help with your project:

·         Drillhole Data Maintenance ·         Resource Estimation

·         Orebody and seam Modelling ·         Best Practices

·         Statistical Analysis ·         Scripting/Macros


Whether you need to determine mine feasibility or optimize economics; developing an operation, or are already in production, GEOVIA’s experienced engineers assist in determining mine feasibility, optimizing economics, and improving productivity.

Using our software, we offer the following engineering services to help with your project:

·         Open Pit Mine Design ·         Production Scheduling

·         Underground Mine Design ·         Block and Sub-level Cave Planning

·         Pit Optimization ·         Tailings Modelling

·         Development Scheduling ·         Scripting/Macros

We offer operational services that leads to achievement of peak mining productivity and cost control. Our team can provide process optimization, workflow automation, and documentation. It also requires expert execution of mining software tools to create better models, plans, and actionable data.

Our operations specialists can assist with the following:

·         Consistency of procedures ·         Resource estimation and reserves calculation

·         Understanding the production processes ·         Surveying

·         Data accuracy and reconciliation ·         Long-term and Short-term planning

·         Increasing and Maintaining site productivity ·         Blast Design

·         Data security and version control ·         Advanced reporting

·         Software implementation ·         Database administration

·         Grade Control ·         Scripting/Macros

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