October 1, 2020

Google Earth and Surpac

  This article features a fantastic set of tools developed by Ross…
Avatar Ash Colton

This article features a fantastic set of tools developed by Ross Corben from GEOWiZ.

Over many years of consulting work, Ross has developed a suite of tools he calls SGET (Surpac Google Earth Tools). He is now providing any users of Surpac with a free license of SGET that will greatly benefit anyone looking to articulate ideas and information in a real world context.

Why use Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free software program that lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings.

When used in conjunction with Surpac, it becomes a very powerful 3D GIS tool that can be used for storing, displaying and printing all of your exploration and mining data. Any data created in Surpac can be exported to Google Earth including string point data, string line data, string polygon data, all DTM’s and 3DM models as well as saved screen images.

Any other images taken from PDF’s for example can be imported to Surpac and geo-referenced and then exported to Google Earth. More complicated 3D models created in programs such as Sketchup can also be imported to Surpac for geo-referencing and then exported to Google Earth.

High quality images can be saved from Google Earth and imported into Surpac for geo-referencing. Google Earth also provides some useful digitizing tools and any digitized data can be exported directly to Surpac strings.


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