October 28, 2019

New GEMS Update

GEMS 6.8.3 Released |   In keeping with our efforts to provide our…

GEMS 6.8.3 Released |  

In keeping with our efforts to provide our maintenance support members with timely software updates, we are pleased to release a maintenance release of GEMS 6.8.3.

Highlights include:

• Support for reading and writing SDM files with geolocation information

• View the confirmation message only once for all the end-points that you want to delete

• Support for the GEOVIA SDM version 2.0 files

Fixed issues:

• The confirmation messages that were displayed for all profiles when you deleted multiple profiles

• The warning message that was displayed when you performed a block model reblock and the bounds were equal to the bounds of the original block model

• The ´All Files´ option in the Save as type list that was not available for the Export Blast Holes to ASCII File command

For detailed information, please download the document.

GEMS is provided complimentary as part of the GEOVIA Maintenance and Support Program subscription and can be downloaded through the dedicated download service from the 3DS Support Site.

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