June 21, 2021

GEMS Software Update

In keeping with our efforts to provide our maintenance support members with…

In keeping with our efforts to provide our maintenance support members with timely software updates, we are pleased to announce a maintenance release of GEMS 6.8.5.

The GEOVIA GEMS 6.8.5 release sees a number of improvements and issues addressed across the product for our users.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Data interoperability ensuring upstream and downstream processes are enabled for three key workflows between GEMS and other desktop applications:
    • Surfaces and solids exported in Surpac SDM formats now display accurate validity information minimizing any required troubleshooting
    • Support for importing of sub-block models for use in PCBC reducing data preparation requirements for access to caving solutions
    • Support for importing Micromine polyline and triangulated surfaces has been added
  • A novel Marker Mixing method has been added to further the suite of mixing algorithms that can be used in PCBC
  • PCBC has been further enriched through the addition of three new keywords to the Production scheduler; MMIX, USE_BUCKETS, and LOADSHUT for greater flexibility and control on production scheduling as well as new reporting options
  • The Quick Neighbor Tool has been updated to provide greater control through the ability to set anisotropy factors and a new reporting feature introduced to report draw point stack sequence
  • Further improvements in PCSLC focus on greater flexibility when generating rings and greater face control through additional keywords added to the TTL capabilities
  • An additional 25+ performance enhancements, workflow improvements and defect fixes have been made, the details of which are provided in the GEMS 6.8.5 release notes

For detailed information, please download the document.

GEMS 6.8.5 is provided complimentary as part of the GEOVIA Maintenance and Support Program subscription and can be downloaded through the dedicated download service from the 3DS Support Site. 

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