June 22, 2018

GEMS 6.8.2 Released

In keeping with our efforts to provide our maintenance support members with…
Avatar Tony Nykiel

In keeping with our efforts to provide our maintenance support members with timely software updates, we are pleased to release a maintenance release of GEMS 6.8.2.

Highlights include:

  • On the Drillhole Intersect Information dialog box, you can now add or modify the values in the Value
  • On the Multiple Survey Data Records dialog box, the number of rows that are added to the grid are now equal to the value that you enter in the Number of Intervals
  • On the Batch Import DWG/DXF Files dialog, you can now select and import more than 100 files.
  • On the Report Volume Depletion dialog box, you can use the new Include fill volume in end volume check box to include or exclude the fill volume in the end volume. You can also use the new DeltaCutVolume, DeltaFillVolume, EndingCutVolume, and EndingFillVolume fields for the Report Volume Depletion report.
  • You can now import and export: lines, polylines, solids and surfaces to GEOVIA SDM This format is a high precision binary file (including style information), suitable for transferring information between GEOVIA products and 3DS cloud based apps and storage solutions.

The following defect fixes have been implemented in GEMS 6.8.2:

  • On the Polyline > Vertex > Delete > Desired Elevation dialog box, when you click Cancel, the vertex of a polyline is no longer deleted.
  • When you right-click a profile from Plan View, Incline Sections, or Vertical Sections and click Delete, a confirmation message now appears.
  • On the Triangulation Properties dialog box, when you enter an unsupported special character in the Name 1, Name 2, or Name 3 field, a warning message now appears.
  • When you run the File > Print Preview command, PlotMaker 3.2.6 no longer exits unexpectedly.
  • When you apply a filter and perform any operation on a database, the filter is now applied after the operation.
  • In the Project View > Objects tab, when you right-click Survey, the context menu for Survey now appears.

GEMS is provided complimentary as part of the GEOVIA Maintenance and Support Program subscription and can be downloaded through the dedicated download service from the 3DS Support Site

For instructions, you may view:

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