January 16, 2019

Creating an Installation Log File

  If you are having trouble installing any GEOVIA software, it could…
Avatar Marck Maramat

If you are having trouble installing any GEOVIA software, it could be down to one of the following reasons:

a. You have IT restrictions that prevent the installation

b. The installer file is corrupted

c. Some files are missing

d. The Windows version installed on your machine is not compatible with the software

e. Others

Usually, when installation does not complete there should be an error message but without it, it could be a challenge to figure out the cause. Having an installation log file could help the support consultants understand the problem and therefore speed up the resolution.

Follow these simple steps to create the log file:

1. Open any text editor (i.e. notepad) and save a blank document as installation_log.txt

2. Edit the following command: msiexec /i “C:<YourPath><installation file>.msi” /L*V “<Path Where you saved the log file>installation_log.txt”

Replace <Your Path> with the directory of the msi installer and <installation file> with the name of the installer.

or geovia.support@3ds.com for further analysis.

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