May 2, 2019

Configuring partition based Cube Processing

For In-Shift Mine & Plant Production Analytics.   GEOVIA InSite’s out-of-box OLAP…
Avatar Shaun Macrae

For In-Shift Mine & Plant Production Analytics.

GEOVIA InSite’s out-of-box OLAP Cube is well known as one of the most comprehensive Mine & Plant Production Analytics data model on the market today.

Most data warehousing and analytics solutions traditionally update on a nightly (or even less frequent) schedule due to the calculation load and time required to process facts (calculated numbers) across multiple, rich, hierarchical dimensions (attributes for analyzing/pivoting).

With InSite, GEOVIA has introduced a new capability that supports regular updates to its Mine & Plant Analytics Cube throughout a production shift.

Here is how to configure InSite for In-Shift Production Analytics.

Note that for smaller datasets including a small amount of historical data collected to-date, a single operation, a small operation, or a small amount of data collection points, the following settings may not be required.

GEOVIA has developed this new capability primarily in the context of one of our lead customers running InSite for Pit -> Plant across 4 operations, with 10+ years of historical data, all in a single instance of InSite.

1) From the InSite Application Server, open the InSite Server Configuration Tool, InSite Business Intelligence tab

or contact your local GEOVIA representative.

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