May 13, 2021

Business Sustainability and the Digital Enterprise

Accelerating the journey to digital enterprise in times of crisis. We strongly…

Accelerating the journey to digital enterprise in times of crisis.

We strongly believe the future belongs to the businesses that can travel the fastest and the most efficiently towards sustainability and become a digital enterprise. And the key to that is connection. – Jonathan KEIGHLEY

Business Sustainability is at the core of Dassault Systèmes value proposition and our customers value realization…

But what is Business Sustainability? How is it linked to becoming a Digital Enterprise? How can we help accelerate your journey? Allow me to explain…instead of sharing a well produced video, here’s me giving some clarity to those questions.

Sustainability is going to define all of our futures. No matter where you are on our own journey, come and join us to find out how you and your business can lead the change.

Read more and watch Jonathans explanation in his video on the GEOVIA Community, the Sustainable Mining Network, please click here:

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