January 11, 2019

Automatic and Manual triangulation methods of Solid Modeling

The appropriate profile of the solid model is very important for geologists…
Avatar Suvradip Datta

The appropriate profile of the solid model is very important for geologists to develop for geological resource modeling and resource estimation. After obtaining the wire-frame for solid modelling from exploration borehole sections, geologists then need to create the solid model by using various triangulation methods in Surpac, to obtain the proper shape of the solid model.

For very simple objects with no complexity, geologists can adopt the fully automatic triangulation method to produce the best and quickest results. For very complex deposits, they need to use the manual method of triangulation, considering each & every point in the segments to give a proper shape of the solid model.

In this blog, I illustrate the two triangulation methods

i) Fully Automatic method

ii) Manual method of triangulation.

i) Fully Automatic:

If you are working with digitized closed segments with increasing string/segment number order, you can create the solid model in a quick manner. The image below shows the digitized segments for solid model wire-frame in ascending string number:

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