August 8, 2020

Achieving faster Solids Conditioning in Surpac

  Following on from the GEOVIA Innovation Webinar on conditioning CMS surveys,…
Avatar Ash Colton

Following on from the

, which i presented, this blog post builds on the webinar content to summarize the functions used to condition solids. It also contains a link to the macro’s that were demonstrated in the webinar.

A common problem that underground surveyors have is how to post process their CMS surveys to make them valid. I have travelled to many sites and seen many different ways of doing this, but the problem remains that some of these CMS surveys are difficult to validate in a timely manner.

Since the release of Mesh Tools in Surpac a couple of years ago, two functions have been utilised to produce conditioned solids easily. (Conditioned solids being those that have an even point distribution) These functions are:

1. Simplify

2. Expand/Contract

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