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PT United Tractors: Competing Effectively in the Global Market with 3DEXPERIENCE

For more than 37 years, PT United Tractors Pandu Engineering (UTPE), a…
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For more than 37 years, PT United Tractors Pandu Engineering (UTPE), a subsidiary of the PT United Tractors TBK Group in Indonesia, has supplied critical equipment required by the energy logistics sector. As one of the largest suppliers of heavy machinery to energy logistics businesses, it is valued by its customers for its ability to design custom products, its manufacturing flexibility and the after-sales service guarantees it offers.

UTPE needed a solution that allowed it to:

•Speed up product design to build more custom products

• Improve data management to better handle the growing number of product variants and components being manufactured

• Synchronize CAD-based part number data with actual data in the company’s SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

• Minimize the delivery of information errors that occur during the design phase to the production stage, and

• Better serve the demands of the marketing department.

Critically, the solution UTPE selected also needed to integrate seamlessly with its existing design software and ERP system.

One of the key reasons UTPE chose the 3DEXPERIENCE platform was its ability to integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing multiple CAD software environments and ERP system. Using SOLIDWORKS and ENOVIA, UTPE has the ability to synchronize information between its CAD software and ERP, and automatically generate the engineering bill of materials (EBOM) and manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM). What was previously a time-consuming manual process is now a fast, efficient experience as engineers know exactly what components and how many they require straight from their CAD drawings. Designers can also see which components are already available for use, leading to design and material efficiencies.

With ENOVIA, UTPE can efficiently share information company wide, reuse designs, easily search for components and collaborate across disciplines as design modifications arise. “The 3DEXPERIENCE platform shortens the time it takes for engineers to search for the components they need,” said Annas F. Habibie, design engineering department head at UTPE. “It also helps engineers work effectively as design revisions arise as it flags all areas of the design that are affected as well as its implications further down the supply chain so that they can keep an accurate status update, reduce errors and manufacture products on time.”

To learn more about how 3DEXPERIENCE and ENOVIA are helping UTPE compete in the global market, .

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