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Providing a hand tools supplier with a new tool

Since the beginning of civilization, human beings have been developing tools for…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

Since the beginning of civilization, human beings have been developing tools for many different purposes to improve life and answer special needs. Nowadays, professional hand tools are core to advancing innovation and the market for developing these tools is increasingly volatile and demanding.

KS Tools, a French company specializing in hand tools and workshop equipment, is a young and fast-growing, but small, company.  Operating in a highly competitive industry, they need to offer top-quality products while harnessing costs.  While they are the mastermind behind the designs, KS Tools decided to have their products manufactured around the globe by specialists for each type of tool. This has resulted with over 20,000 products in permanent storage, and so they must focus on making sure customers receive their products on time.

While email has made life much better in many ways, most people want fewer online communications – especially in their professional lives.  And while it’s helpful to be able to look back to track projects, multiple threads and inefficient search tools don’t make it easy. To improve its operational efficiency when dealing with its distributors, KS Tools decided to transition to 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud. With the 3DSwym app, KS Tools entered a new mode of communication that replaced email as their primary way to exchange with their extended network.  The app encourages informal, real-time collaboration and dynamic interaction.

KS Tools also adopted ENOVIA project and data management, offering greater clarity throughout all processes. The 6WTags app, an intelligent and quick tagging system, filters information that is meaningful to different project actors.

Because KS Tools is using the cloud-based platform, they avoid spending time and money to install additional hardware.  The cloud also lets KS Tools more easily manage complex or long-term projects, particularly those involving more than one external contractor.

KS Tools is certain that transitioning to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform was the right move, and were excited that a company of their size could take advantage of such technology thanks to the cloud.  Because it is easy to deploy and use, very flexible and brings people together, which ultimately inspires innovation, they plan to add other departments such as marketing, sales and other subsidiaries in the future. Discover the full story in both a video and a written case story.

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