February 24, 2021

Introduction to the IP Classification Editor App

The 2021X FD04 release introduced a new app (widget), IP Classification Editor, which…
Avatar Anat Landau

The 2021X FD04 release introduced a new app (widget), IP Classification Editor, which is available with the IP Classification Manager role. It provides a new user experience to define and manage classification definition in 3DDashboard.

IP Classification Editor provides the ability to define libraries and classes for organizations to organize and classify their intellectual property (IP) such as documents, engineering items and other content to be reused across the entire organization.

Main Capabilities 

Using the IP Classification Editor widget, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create library structure
  • Modify the existing library structure
  • Add or remove classification attributes on classes
  • Change the maturity states of libraries and classes
  • Import library structure from XML format
  • Export library structure to XML format
  • Move class from one library or class to another library or class
  • Share access to library and class
  • Open libraries or classes in the IP Classify and Reuse widget

Learn more and WATCH a demo video in the User Community HERE!

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