September 23, 2020

Introducing QR Reader – A Simple Feature that Could Help Your Business in Many Ways

Let’s discover a “hidden gem” in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform – QR Reader – that will…
Avatar Madhu Rao

Let’s discover a “hidden gem” in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform – QR Reader – that will have many practical implications. You can learn about it from the two scenarios below:

Scenario 1

A makeshift hospital has taken in thousands of patients during the pandemic. The doctors are going from bed to bed, trying to get all the relevant information of patients. However, due to the nature of the infection and being a makeshift hospital, detailed documentation is not available for the doctors on the spot. The only records available for every patient are found by scanning a QR code that’s attached to the bed. In order to make proper diagnosis, doctors have to refer to other relevant reports that are associated with patients.

Scenario 2

You are a technician who is working on an offshore oil rig hundreds of miles out in the ocean. You need to fix a complex piece of assembly that has numerous components. Each piece of equipment has a QR code on it. The team on land has just revised the maintenance procedure for this equipment. All that you have with you is your mobile device.

To learn how the QR Code Generator, built within the Microsoft integration with 3DEXPERIENCE can help… keep reading this post in the ENOVIA User Community HERE.

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