June 1, 2022

From PLM to Virtual Twin Experiences

Avatar Léa Angeli

What are Virtual Twin Experiences?

Virtual Twin Experiences connect the virtual world with real world data, people and processes to enable continuous innovation.

By combining the predictive power of AI and data science with a science-based representation of the product/factory/company, the digital twin evolves beyond a virtual model to become a strategic instrument. Using the virtual twin, companies can experiment with unlimited variables and what-if scenarios to determine the best decision at each step in the lifecycle, resulting in sustainable innovation, more efficient operations, and better products and performance.

PI (Product Industry) DX Community and Event

What is PI DX?

PI DX is a cross-industry community for manufacturers pursuing successful digital transformation. This community works with companies to accelerate innovation, enable cross-industry collaboration and provide technical insight across the product lifecycle.

PI DX USA 2022

PI DX brings together brilliant minds from the world of engineering to explore the technologies that solve complex challenges, enabling better products and a brighter future.

This year in Atlanta, Stéphane Declee, CEO ENOVIA, Morgan Zimmermann, CEO NETVIBES, and Matt Sommer, Director of Product Development Operations and IT (Xos Trucks) were main speakers of a keynote, “From PLM to Virtual Twin Experiences.”

People and businesses are faced with unprecedented challenges and disruptive events, such as weather crises, health threats, climate change, geopolitics or new regulations. In the midst of these challenges, organizations must ensure continuous innovation to remain sustainable and relevant.


By using a platform that enables enterprise agility, innovation and resilience and that:

  • Connects all people, processes and data
  • Covers all business activities—design, simulation and information intelligence—while providing a seamless, collaborative environment; and is
  • Accessible from anywhere and everywhere via mobile/cloud

Learn more about Virtual Twin Experiences.

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