July 21, 2020

Enhanced Task Management Features Explained

Let’s look at a few cool enhancements in the area of Collaborative…
Avatar Madhu Rao

Let’s look at a few cool enhancements in the area of Collaborative Task management available in 2021x FD01 onward.

First Enhancement: Drag and Drop an Object as a Task Context

Users can search for an Object, such as a Part or a document, select that object and drag and drop it into the ‘Context’ field of a collaborative task in the Collaborative Tasks widget. This will automatically make that object as the context of the task that will be created. This greatly enhances the usability and reduces the number of clicks needed to achieve the same end result.

Second enhancement: Drag and drop a document onto a task

When the task is in Draft or ‘To Do’ stages, it is very easy to attach a reference document to the task. Just drag and drop the document to the task. It’ll do the job!

Third Enhancement: Assign task to a person by drag and drop

Search for a Person, select the individual and drag and drop them onto the task. It will automatically assign the task to that person. Again, this very nice enhancement that reduces many clicks.

Fourth Enhancement: Adding a deliverable to the task

When the task is in ‘In Work’ or ‘In Approval’ stages, the user can drag and drop a document or a part to the task. The object is then added to the task as a deliverable.

Visit the ENOVIA User Community HERE to watch a demo and see these cool features in action!

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