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Transformation in beauty manufacturing

Interested in how beauty leaders are transforming manufacturing? Global leaders are looking to ‘future-proof’ their manufacturing by implementing agile and efficient manufacturing execution systems that are helping them keep pace with consumers. They are also able to deliver on efficiency, cost, sustainability, and quality targets.
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Transformation is the critical trend in beauty manufacturing

The pace of change in the cosmetics industry is ever-accelerating, propelled by the constant change in beauty trends and consumer preferences.  This demand for ‘new’ requires fast product development.  Manufacturers need to innovate, launch and rapidly iterate products to stay relevant for consumers and competitive in the marketplace.

With consumers clamoring for more natural, healthier and more sustainable formulations and packaging, challenges arise in manufacturing as they have to keep up with short product lifecycles and fast-changing trends.  The gap between what consumers want and what manufacturers are able to deliver is widening.   In order to manage and minimize that gap, manufacturers must adapt their production processes to manage smaller batch sizes and accelerated new product introductions while keeping the carbon footprint low and maintain (and increasing) product quality.

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Increased complexity is driving change

All this industry complexity has beauty manufacturers exploring how to implement transformation in their manufacturing processes so they can ‘future-proof’ their systems to be more efficient, more agile and more sustainable.

Our customers have found success with our Dassault Systèmes’ manufacturing solutions.  Global beauty leaders like Shiseido, Clarins and Boticário Group have turned to our ‘Perfect Production’ solution featuring the DELMIA manufacturing execution system (MES) to transform production in their factories.

What are manufacturers looking for when they decide to update their manufacturing processes?

Many identify needing a solution that can merge and simplify several activities into a single system that will allow operators to focus on value-added functions.   Additional desired benefits include:

  • ·         Automatic equipment setup to reduce product failure

    ·         Standardized production processes across plants for a single source of truth

    ·         Systems that can handle data capture in real time for continuous improvement

    ·         Information availability in real-time for the entire company

    ·         Product quality process with automatic traceability

    ·         Agility with the ability to make quick decisions and improve production processes

    ·         Ability to integrate with ERP systems

    ·         Increased sustainability by eliminating paper processes and driving lower inventories

How do Perfect Production’s MES capabilities work?

The MES drives efficiency by using real-time data to trigger execution decisions and empower manufacturers to reduce waste, inventory, and cycle times while improving efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.  By doing this, a manufacturing transformation is achievable through manufacturing execution systems (MES) providing full control over factory operations and improved production visibility.

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One global beauty manufacturer identified their 3 core criteria for a manufacturing execution system.  The first was that it could well address the specific business requirements.  The second was that it be user-friendly so operators could be trained quickly on an intuitive system.  And the third was that the technical architecture make sense.   They were able to check the box on all three with ‘Perfect Production.’ 

Moving forward with the right solution for your needs

The exacting nature of beauty manufacturing and the critical importance of product quality makes choosing a transformational production solution vital to the future growth of beauty companies. 

Please visit our site where we detail the manufacturing progress being made by leaders in the beauty industry and their transformational journeys. 

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