January 23, 2015

Top 12 logistics influencers on Twitter

From 3PLs to industry bloggers, these experts will keep you updated with…
Sriyani Rao

Finding logistics people to follow on Twitter is easy. Simply key in “logistics” and voila: You’re given a long list of individuals whose profiles contain these words.

Finding the right logistics people worth following however is a daunting exercise, especially if you don’t know who to look for.

We’ve put together a list of logistics influencers worth following, most of whom we’ve had the pleasure of engaging with. From logistics service providers to news publications to industry bloggers, these experts will keep you updated with the latest news and insights from the world of logistics and transportation. Everything you need to know, delivered right to your Twitter feed.

(Listed in no particular order)

1. Morai Logistics

Morai Logistics is a renowned 3PL in North America and Mexico that tweets eye-catching infographics, enlightening blog posts and the latest news in logistics and supply chain. They’re great social media engagers and have guest-blogged for us on the DELMIA Quintiq blog. Check out their latest post – hint, games are involved.

2. Logistics Viewpoints

Logistics Viewpoints on Twitter is an extension of their blog, also by the same name. Their daily coverage of the logistics world is quite extensive. Our favorite is their weekly round-up of logistics news, which always ends nicely packaged with an apt song clip.

3. Cerasis

Cerasis, a 3PL servicing North America, is no stranger to the transportation and shipping industry. Just like Morai Logistics, Cerasis provides logistics and manufacturing insights to industry peers and shippers through regular in-depth blog posts. Here’s a must-read.

4. PTF Fulfillment

From the secret recipe of Coca-Cola’s supply chain success to exciting business board games, PTF Fulfillment has got you covered – and in 140 characters, no less. Engage with them and you might just score a #FF mention.

5. LogisticsMatter

Looking for the best logistics, sustainability and supply chain news from around the web? Then Martijn Graat, owner of the LogisticsMatter account (and blog of the same name), is your man. He’s also curated an impressive list of supply chain and logistics infographics on Pinterest.

6. Red Arrow Logistics

Aside from their intensive transportation and supply chain tweets, Red Arrow Logistics also shares the occasional quote for inspiration. Here’s one of our favorites.

7. CEVA Logistics

Leading logistics company, CEVA Logistics, shares the best in logistics and supply chain from industry bloggers and news publications. If you love numbers, you wouldn’t want to miss their tweets that highlight attention-grabbing infographics such as this one.

8. Steve Banker

Steve Banker is the service director of the SCM team at ARC, a Forbes contributor, and a co-writer for the Logistics Viewpoints blog. His articles are always a great read, whether they’re about delivery drones or shipping trends. Once you check Steve out, you’ll want to keep him in your Twitter feed.

9. Inbound Logistics

Their colorful, attention-grabbing, six-image profile photo aside, Inbound Logistics puts forward some of the best insights from the world of logistics and supply chain. They also have a fondness for Toy Story-related memes that will keep you going back for more.

10. DC Velocity

From intermodal traffic growth to producing zero emissions to tackling urban congestion, DC Velocity covers an extensive range of topics. We especially enjoy reading articles by the incredibly witty Art van Bodegraven and Kenneth B Ackerman.

11. Supply Chain 24/7

One look at their Twitter timeline and you’ll be distracted by the colorful images that accompany their tweets. Want to know more about how Uber Cargo is expanding their logistics services? You’ve come to the right Twitter account. A great resource for transportation, distribution and logistics professionals.

12. Eye for Transport

One of the most comprehensive transportation and logistics resource, eft is known for their in-depth research in logistics trends and thought-provoking interviews with industry leaders. A must-follow influencer!

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in your comment below or drop us a tweet @Quintiq.

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