ManufacturingJuly 27, 2021

The Warehouse of the Future Will Not be Just a Warehouse

The digital transformation of supply chains is happening faster than physical supply…
Avatar Jason Gardiner
Workers at a warehouse of the future.

The digital transformation of supply chains is happening faster than physical supply chains can react. In the same way that consumers have driven innovations in retail commerce, we are now seeing that e-commerce effect leading to a B2B revolution.

Now, it’s all about: enabling the omnichannel experience, which is changing the profile of supply chains in most industries and commercial sectors, creating flexible and efficient supply chains to close the vulnerabilities that were exposed during the global pandemic. These requirements are causing a distinct shift in warehouse and distribution center (DC) functions, from simply being staging points for supply chain inventory, to becoming a vital enabler of the extended value chain. As the world heads toward new realities, more changes are in store for the supply chain.

Warehouse and DC operations need to be modernized and operational capabilities added to form a strategically enhanced and optimized version of existing warehouse and DC setup and operations, or what we at DELMIA call the Warehouse of the Future. This approach enables you to prepare for evolving new norms, combining a mix of enhanced operational experiences to bring real-world structures and parametrics into the virtual world. The goal? To create a smart factory, smart logistics and a digitally continuous experience across your operational culture, practices and technology.

The DELMIA Warehouse Experience solution enables companies to achieve the vision of the Warehouse of the Future. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the Warehouse Experience possesses the unique ability to generate a virtual twin from a single data model. It helps you ensure unmatched accuracy and fidelity—from your virtual model to your real-world warehouse or DC setup.

On June 29, we organized a live Q&A called Connectivity and Optimization: Establishing the Warehouse of the Future — hosted in partnership with Reuters Events, Prologis and Henkel. Below are some interesting insights gathered from that session:

  1. Audience polls identified operational visibility as the key business motivation for the digital evolution of warehouses and DCs.
  2. Increased process automation is the area with the most potential for overall supply chain and logistics improvements in the coming 12-18 months.
  3. Warehouses and DCs have been transforming too slowly when considered against the rate of change required.
  4. Although there are many good systems, applications and technologies to assist with digital transformation, there is a lack of seamless integration to fully manage and exploit data flows.
  5. Sustainability is at the heart of transforming operations.

Stay tuned to our next blog post in this series where we will explore these themes to see how DELMIA’s Warehouse Experience can help accelerate the transformation of warehouse and distribution facilities.

To learn more about solutions and strategies for modernizing your warehouse and DC operations, download our eBook The Warehouse of the Future.

for a quick look into how DELMIA can help you modernize your warehouse and DC operations to successfully navigate the ever-evolving world of logistics.

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