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Optimize Continuous Improvement with Lean Collaboration and Digital Transformation

Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement programs continue to grow in importance as…
Tom Muth

Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement programs continue to grow in importance as organizations strive to become agile and remain competitive. Unfortunately, all too often this charter is left to lean managers and is driven as part of individual projects or reactions to disruption or quality issues.

Combine this short-term focus with inadequate tools to support and sustain lean collaboration and it’s no wonder Lean programs have often been limited in their impact and struggle to maintain momentum. Too often engagement is limited, creativity is stymied, follow-up on important tasks is not tracked, and leveraging experts and easily sharing rich digital assets as a part of problem solving across the organization is difficult.

This is why making your lean and continuous improvement programs part of a digital transformation strategy is so important. What if you could have a digital collaborative approach that brings together all the collective intelligence of your entire organization on lean and continuous improvement projects? Fortunately a solution does exist and the only limit to the possibilities and benefits is your imagination.

3 Key Transformation Goals: DELMIA 3DLean

Engage:  Build better team relationships despite physical or organizational barriers …

  • … by engaging the next generation workforce whether working on-site or part of the distributed of teams across plants
  • … by sharing actions between different teams – for instance, quality and safety teams can easily send important/immediate actions to manufacturing teams, and manufacturing teams can easily send important actions to industrial engineers and designers for process and product improvements
  • … by cascading actions up and down so that managers can be constantly informed about top actions to be taken

Reveal: DELMIA 3DLean helps teams visualize 3D content and rich data with a digital Lean framework …

  • … by bringing teams within and across plants together in a structure that guides discovery, creativity, analysis and problem solving
  • … by effective sharing and visualization of product and process information to increase manufacturing agility and maintain quality
  • … by closing the loop between Manufacturing, R&D, Engineering, and Quality departments to enable traceability and accelerate problem resolutions
  • … by providing shop-floor users with Lean Methodologies they can use autonomously to solve their issues (5 why, fishbone diagrams, etc.)

Improve: DELMIA 3DLean makes ‘Lean thinking’ a standard part of your business, teams and culture …

  • … by allowing flexibility to adapt to new product manufacturing and assembly strategies to increase agility
  • … by focusing teams on quality and safety issues to improve overall productivity
  • … by allowing teams to be more reactive to disruptive changes in supply and demand
  • … by putting Lean principles into action to address product manufacturing efficiencies, reduction of material waste
  • … by supporting best practice operational meetings to share knowledge across manufacturing operations company-wide

Discover the value of digitally transforming your approach to lean and continuous improvement in this upcoming webinar presented by LNS Research and DASSAULT SYSTEMES August 4th. Register here.

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