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Achieving Sustainable Construction with Digital Twins

Today, every country is facing a wide range of demands and challenges:…
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Today, every country is facing a wide range of demands and challenges: climate changes, decarbonization, infectious diseases, disaster prevention and mitigation, new mobility, and energy reduction, to name just a few. Also, both the economy and environment have rapidly been changing while populations surge, spiking demand for services and control of resources.

All construction projects are expected to be delivered on time and on budget, but real value comes when asset owners can improve sustainability, save money and create efficiencies across the whole asset lifecycle.

With the industry now managing construction in a digital world, virtual twin experience technology is allowing companies to spot mistakes virtually before construction starts, and collaborate remotely with all stakeholders using one source of data that can be used throughout construction, operation and maintenance.

We address these challenges in our next DELMIA Operations Series session. Join us to have the chance to engage with leading industry experts as they share strategies, best practices and solutions for building a more resilient, agile, and sustainable construction industry with the help of Dassault Systèmes’ virtual twin experience and our DELMIA suite of products.

Specifically, you will learn how the virtual twin experience can:

  • Enable companies to spot mistakes and make improvements virtually before constructions starts
  • Improve sustainability, save money and crate efficiencies across the entire asset life cycle
  • Boost productivity, eliminate project bottlenecks, reduce costs and improve efficiency and time to market

Guiding you through these discussions are:

  • Guilhem BOURGOIN, Responsable Travaux – Bouygues Construction
  • James BROWN, Digital Manufacturing Engineer – Prodtex Ltd.
  • Remi DORNIER, Vice President, Construction Cities and Territories – Dassault Systèmes
  • Prashanth MYSORE, Global Strategic Business Development Director, DELMIA – Dassault Systèmes
  • Mohamed Ali EL HANI, CEO and International BIM/PLM Expert – Impararia

Watch our on-demand webinar “Make It Happen for Sustainable Construction with Virtual Twin Experience” and join the discussion!

About the DELMIA OPERATIONS SERIES. Each session introduces compelling insights from experts on the challenges companies are facing in their specific market, industry-relevant trends and innovation topics that will help organizations build resilience into their operations today and prepare for the “next normal”. Check out prior sessions..

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