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Exploring new and evolving solutions in manufacturing

How can manufacturers succeed in the midst of a global industry renaissance?…
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Manufacturing has always been a complicated affair. Today’s hyper-connected, fast-evolving markets only add to that complexity. Companies are constantly facing pressure to keep up with digitalization, growing competition and customer demands. To respond, businesses must be faster, more integrated and more agile than ever.

DELMIA Quintiq experts Walt Bednarz and Mark Reissig recently addressed this challenge during the inaugural Dassault Systèmes Online Manufacturing Summit. They explored how manufacturers can achieve reality-based planning, scheduling and optimization for complex business processes across all planning horizons.

A fully-integrated supply chain A recent poll highlighted the biggest challenges for supply chains, including alignment between scheduling and planning horizons, lack of supply chain visibility and optimization of a complex supply chain network. These challenges can be tied to the tendency of large organizations to plan in silos, as well as a dependency on homegrown systems that are unable to handle the variables of complex supply chains.

It’s nearly impossible to determine an optimal solution without the right system in place to manage the combination of plans and provide true end-to-end visibility. Integrating planning decisions into a single system helps bring together all facets of supply chain planning, allowing for full scenario planning and comparison of KPIs that enables the generation of optimal plans.

Optimization to cut through production constraints As operational complexity grows, manufacturers face new challenges in managing producing goods efficiently and fulfilling customer needs on time. Manufacturers must master multi-site production, shorter customer SLAs and increasingly diverse product mixes. Optimization and visibility are the differentiating factors for success in an ever-changing environment. Managing complexities and disruptions in the supply chain is essential. However, manual planning solutions simply do not allow manufacturers to adapt quickly enough to change.

True optimization technology enables manufacturers to balance constraints and competing KPIs and solve the most complex of challenges, regardless of scale and complexity. In addition, DELMIA Quintiq provides visibility and decision support to the planner, cutting through the chaos to help the manufacturer achieve its business goals.

In the face of ever-growing challenges and complexities, intelligent supply chain planning and optimization is the competitive advantage manufacturing organizations need to succeed. Watch the Online Manufacturing Summit, available on demand for more critical insights from industry leaders, analysts and influencers on achieving continued success in manufacturing.

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