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DELMIA Communities Week in Review for September 6

With eight active communities, you are sure to find at least one…
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Hello and Welcome to the Week in Review! This is the weekly blog post for a one-look overview of what happened in the DELMIA Communities this past week. But there is a lot more than what is below. Visit the communities to see the exchange of information and ideas between members and DELMIA experts.

With eight active communities, you are sure to find at least one to suit your DELMIA interests. Connect with us to exchange and share on the DELMIA Communities.

See you there!

Global Operations Community

Read the latest 3DS Press Release about BMW Group Deployment

BMW Group to plan and optimize its in-house component production with DELMIA Quintiq.

Read the full story in the Community.

Planning & Optimization Community

DELMIA Quintiq Fleet & Crew Planner: Finding suitable crew

During day-of-operations a lot can happen that disrupts the original plan of a train operating company. Tasks may need to be reassigned and as time does not stop running, it is important to quickly find new crew to take over a particular task.

Learn more in the Community.

Manufacturing Operations Management Community

The Rise of Digital Transformation in Inventory Management

Getting raw material manufactured into something whole and useful is a complex process, which is why it’s crucial for manufacturers to make the right digital investments in their warehouses. Choosing the right digital solutions begins with manufacturers identifying the most common types of inventory used in their plant or warehouse.

Read the article in the Community.

Virtual Factory & Robotics Community

Safran at Global Industrie in London

It was great to see DELMIA customer Safran participating in a Factory of the Future round table at the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE event in Lyon!

View the photo in the Community.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next week! In the meantime, don’t forget to stay up to date with the DELMIA Communities.

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