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DELMIA Communities Week in Review for September 27

Hello and Welcome to the Week in Review! This is the weekly blog post…
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Hello and Welcome to the Week in Review! This is the weekly blog post for a quick overview of what happened in the DELMIA Communities this past week. However, there is a lot more than what is shown below – visit the communities to see the exchange of information and ideas between members and DELMIA experts.

With eight active communities, you are sure to find at least one to suit your DELMIA interests. We welcome you to connect with us, exchange and share on the DELMIA Communities. We look forward to seeing you there!

Global Operations Community

Steel Yourself for Change

Metals producers, particularly in the steel sector, must constantly tread a fine line between reducing operating costs, maximizing profits and satisfying an increasingly demanding customer base. Meeting these objectives, on top of addressing existing industry challenges, requires steel manufacturing companies to become more efficient and flexible in their operations—and this means optimizing their master production schedules.

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Planning & Optimization Community

How to increase visibility using markers?

Let me present you the story of a planner who needed to collaborate a lot with various colleagues to secure his schedule: He needed to ensure with the purchase team that they have resources in stock; He needed to check with the design team that all the fingerprints are ready; He needed to be sure that the orders are paid; He needed to validate the technical file before the production start. Of course, DELMIA Ortems helps him to manage raw material availability, tools management, secondary resources… But he really wanted also a visual manner to check all these information. So we offer him to use markers to do so.

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Manufacturing Operations Management Community

When do I start seeing my data?

Many people will ask “how long does it take before I can collect meaningful data from my shopfloor”? My answer is typically a question back: “what exactly are you trying to measure or manage?” Most are confused by that question – they think that by simply measuring things it will automatically get better.

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Virtual Factory & Robotics Community

PI parallel robot in DELMIA Robotics 3DExperience

Our customers use more and more robots to replace workers or traditional NC machines. This is specially the case in Aerospace, where the most important process is drilling and riveting. However in this process, the effort needed is quite important and there might be an accuracy issue when using a traditional 6 axes robot, due to the flexibility in the robot arm. To avoid this, one way is to use a parallel robot that can provide an important effort and keep a good accuracy.

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Process Engineering Community

Blog Article: Bridging the Gap between Engineering and Manufacturing

In a continued effort to capture customer demand from competitors, the need to bring products to market faster and with high quality is increasing. This is a hard enough challenge, let alone considering reducing costs to drive more sustainable business. With increasing product complexity (especially with high technology components), every aspect of the manufacturing process needs to be streamlined.

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Fabrication Community

DELPRO – DELMIA Dynamic Tool Path Optimization Webinar

If you are looking to optimize your NC programs to drastically reduce machining times while protecting your cutting tools, this presentation is for you! Dassault Systèmes has signed a partnership with MAL (Manufacturing Automation Laboratories) to include in its portfolio a new application dedicated to ‘physics-based verification and feed optimization’ of NC programs by considering material properties, machine tool limits and machining process limits. It enables you to instantly visualize machining process faults and automatically correct them as the tool path is generated and to compare different tool path strategies from physics perspective.

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Collaborative Lean Operations Community

Blog Article: Accelerate Innovation in Industrial Equipment

Innovation is at the forefront of the Industrial Equipment industry, with electrification, autonomy, expanded functionality and new forms, footprint and features driving change. Naturally, this comes with its own set of unique challenges, which have forced Industrial Equipment companies to adapt in a very short time.

Read the article in the Community.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next week! In the meantime, don’t forget to stay up to date with the DELMIA Communities.

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